About Us

Over 30 years experience, doing what we do.


Red Stick Auto Classics is the culmination of 30 years of our passion for finding, buying and selling the best in collector, specialty and one-of-a-kind automobiles. Originally started as an outlet for friends and colleagues who were also classic car collectors, RedStick now offers our expert services to the wider classic car market.

But it all comes down to this: we love finding, owning and driving these cars just like you do.


  • We have over 30 years in this industry, owning, buying and selling collector cars ourselves. This personal passion sets us apart tremendously from other dealers
  • We have a wide-range of connections and trusted, experienced resources that allow us to find the car, buyer or parts you need fast and effectively.
  • Join the many happy clients who now own their dream car thanks to Redstick Auto Classics.
  • Personalized attention that you won’t get from a mega-mart dealership

Additional Benefits From Redstick

Consignment Sales

We offer consignment sales through our network of collectors and car aficionados, and through our website, to ensure your vehicle is marketed to the right target audience. See our Consignment Sales page for details

Unique Buyers Service

We will find your dream car and arrange everything from the search inspection to delivery to your door and every step in-between.

Time Saving Benefits

Don’t waste hours scouring the internet, the want-ads, or the trade magazines looking for your dream car. Let the experts at RedStick Auto Classics do the legwork for you! Call, email or fill out our Find Your Dream Car Form today.

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