Find My Dream Car

Tell us the car you’re Dreaming Of

$99 Flat Rate Fee

For a flat fee of $99.00 we will find your dream car and send you the specific details including photos and descriptions of the car.

Our White Glove Service

We do all the work for you. Once we’ve found your Dream Car, we arrange everything from inspection and paperwork to shipping and delivery of the car to your doorstep.  We make it easy to find an own the car you’ve always wanted! Call for pricing–this service depends on the automobile, its condition and its location.

Our Additional Services

Redstick can even provide restoration service and mechanical repairs done by qualified and certified restoration personnel. Since each car is unique, call for available services and pricing on your classic auto’s needs.  Keep in mind that the value of your collector automobile is dependent on the quality of products used in repair and restoration, the skill and experience of the restorer, and the process documentation. Redstick will ensure that any restoration/repairs are done by highly experienced staff, with all of the required documentation and paperwork, at a budget you set. Contact us for a proposal on restoration and repairs, including pricing and timing.

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